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Automobile Window Tint

Polished Image Detailing is excited to now be offering automobile window tint by 3M and Suntek.  Your window tint will depend on your individual needs and preferences.  With all the latest colors and shades to choose from, you’ll leave with a car that not only has added style but also the protection you need from the sun’s harmful rays.

Car tint is usually desired for appearance and comfort but there are many other benefits it provides as well.  Here are some of those benefits.  When you come in let us know what is most important to you so that we can help you choose the right product for your car.

·      Heat rejection and improved comfort

·      Protects interior from fading

·      Acts as an SPF protecting your skin from harmful rays

·      Glare reduction for a better driving experience

·      Added style for your automobile

·      Added privacy

·      Shatter proofing

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(Review taken from I took my new BMW to Brian and co. at Polished Image to get it polished and opti-coated. Brian was very professional and very responsive over e-mail giving me the real story on the products I was interested in rather than the “it will change your world” spiel. I set up […]