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“I really don’t know where to begin with my experience. I live on south Florida and I wanted to get a REAL “detail” as a gift for a family member in Tacoma. So after a little research I found PID.

A little about me. I detail cars as a hobby. I average 20+ hours on a normal single detail. This is not the soccer Mom’s mini van with vomit in the carpet and bubble gum stuck in the seats.. I polish paint with OCD from full corrections to a concours show car finish and I love what I do.

I was looking for folks that know what this means and have a true passion for detailing. IMHO this is 2% of the folks that call themselves detailers. I called and spoke to the folks at PID and realized right away they knew their stuff. These peeps are pros!

I contracted with them over the phone and they made arrangement to obtain the vehicle. I even received before and after pictures via email of their work on the car. When my family member picked up the car I got a phone call and WOW, OMG and it never looked this good brand new were only a few of the compliments about their work.

This is not a wash, wax, clean the windows and make the tires shiny car wash joint. This is the REAL deal! I highly recommend these experienced professionals. It is well worth every penny spent!”

-Mike M.

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    (Review taken from Yelp.com) “These guys rock!  I’ve had 3 cars and now my boat detailed by Jason and Brian.  First off, they are great guys.  Second, they know their stuff.  They use the best products and they don’t “cover up” scratches or swirls, they remove them.  Their shop is open for inspection, and welcomes you […]