Color Sanding With Jason Killmer

Our very own Jason Killmer was featured in the June 2013 edition of Rod & Custom detailing the color sanding process. As Rod & Custom points out a good detailer can find flaws in any paint job and they do. After they’re done the finish will be as close to perfection as possible.

Color sanding is a process that begins after a car has been painted to remove any orange peel and unevenness to the finish. After a seemingly good paint job most of us would not notice the peaks, valleys, scratches and dry spots that Jason and other detailers would see, but we will all be quite impressed when the job is finished. And then, how can we possibly go back to a simple paint job?

Color sanding levels off these peaks and valleys that causes the light that reflects from it to scatter wildly. With color sanding the outer layer of the paint is removed, leaving a thing of beauty…almost. Of course, color sanding is just a step in the detailing process. Next comes extensive polishing. Rod & Custom will cover that process in a future edition and so we might just write about it too.

For the step-by-step process Jason used check out “Givin’ Em The Shine” in the June Rod & Custom magazine.

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    (Review taken from I took my new BMW to Brian and co. at Polished Image to get it polished and opti-coated. Brian was very professional and very responsive over e-mail giving me the real story on the products I was interested in rather than the “it will change your world” spiel. I set up […]