Keeping Your Car’s Interior Clean & Tidy

If you’re like most people then you’re constantly on the run. This means that a lot of your time is spent in and out of the car and there’s not a lot of extra time for things like cleaning. But like every other space in our lives, the more we stay up on cleanliness and clutter the easier it is, not to mention the extra mental clarity that comes with a clean atmosphere.

Unlike at home, our car is an extremely small space where a lot of different activities take place, not just driving. Since we’re on the run, we’re eating, talking, texting, applying make-up, and transporting kids, soccer balls, gym clothes, groceries, pets, etc. All of this activity means that a lot of trash and dirt can accumulate if we’re not cleaning our car on a consistent basis.

One of the easiest things we can do to keep our car in good order is to always, always take our trash out with us. How often have you been in a vehicle with two cup holders and five empty and half-empty cups lying around? This can quickly turn into a frustration. At the end of every day make sure you pick up all cups and fast food bags that are lying around. There’s nothing worse then the smell of days old fast food bags in the car.

If you’re doing a lot of business in your car, you know how quickly papers get spread about and lost. Keep yourself organized with folders for your work papers and keep them in a place where they won’t go flying such as the pocket behind the seats.

Keep wipes and napkins in your glove compartment so that you can quickly pick up a spill. Wipes are also a handy way to wipe down your dashboard and steering wheel, bonus if they disinfect too. A towel is also good to have in the car if you’re transporting pets with dirty paws.

It’s easy to fall out of love with the car we once adored. Following these simple steps along with regular detailing will keep the love we felt on day of purchase alive and well.

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    (Review taken from I took my new BMW to Brian and co. at Polished Image to get it polished and opti-coated. Brian was very professional and very responsive over e-mail giving me the real story on the products I was interested in rather than the “it will change your world” spiel. I set up […]